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A little about the face behind Rosie Cheeks

Linda Ransom

Posted on August 22 2014

Winter really started late this year and here we are, not even September, the weather is already warming up! Not complaining though! I love summer and so does the kids!

My name is Linda. Just in case if you ever wondered who's behind the Rosie Cheeks business, well here I am! Hi!


Before my adventure as a business owner I was a stay at home mum and now I consider myself as a mumpreneur. I often find myself doing home duties in one minute and the next I am talking to suppliers about my next shipment or working on my upcoming new release!

As a mother to two young kiddies, Mr 3.5, Miss 2 and a newbie due on Christmas Day  and a business owner, I have experienced many highs and lows. But it's all so rewarding when I see my products being worn. And the big hugs and kisses from my kids at the end of the day makes all the hard work worthwhile!

So why kids clothing? Leaving behind a promising career. Because I have a dream. I want to have my own brand selling my own designs and unique handmade creations to children world wide. I believe dreams do come true. Although I am not there yet but I can see success at the end of this journey. There has been and no doubt will be more obstacles along the way but I am prepared to fight for my dream and a better future for my children.

I guess a lot of my confidence comes from the way I was brought up. My grandmother has been a seamstress all her life and at 83 years of age she is still sewing from home! Everyone loves her work and sewing makes her happy. I remember when I was little, grandma let me cut up her old curtains so I could make a dress for my doll! My mum at one stage was also a seamstress sewing from home. I remember the long hours she spent every day behind her machine! Even my father learned how to use the overlocker and helped her out! My father although he's a builder but he's always been creative, and I have always admired his work. Having grown up with these people as my role models, their talent and creativity has inspired me to be creative too. 

I first knew I could design and sew at the age of 10 when I won the national school award for the best designed and made vest! It was nothing big but to me it was everything I needed to peruse my dream. 

So many many moons later, I am finally doing what I love with the support from my family. Especially my husband for encouraging me and supporting me through the tough times!

Finally, I am another step closer to my dream! Here I am writing my first blog for my new website. 

Hopefully now you all know the face behind Rosie Cheeks a little better and will join me on my journey! 


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