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Welcome to our new Brand Reps

Linda Ransom

Posted on January 09 2016

I am so excited to announce that we have some fresh new faces joining the Rosie Cheeks team this year! Our brand rep search was intense and we had so many great entries! In a perfect world I would take everyone! 

Its never easy choosing brand reps. We have to choose someone whose photography style suits our brand, the best size to model our clothing and someone who is generally enthusiastic about representing us. Being a mother myself, I know exactly how nerve wracking it can be to enter their little ones to a search and how disappointed one can be when their kiddies are not chosen. But please don't give up! We do searches every 3~4 months with the aim of giving other IG kids a chance to be reps.

So we have welcomed a fantastic BR/BE team for the next 3 months and here they are!

Brand Reps

@mycoastallife. Absolutely love this mammas styles!

@noah.and.harlow. Sarah does amazing photos and Harlow is just too adorable!

@withloveandlacemelanie. You have to check her page out! Absolutely stunning photography.

@amynorton18. Our USA rep. Love this girl! She's absolutely gorgeous!

Brand Enthusiasts

@youngbarrons. Absolutely adore this girl!

@jacinta.and.aria. This girls is just too cute! And her mamma is the most amazing, kind hearted and supportive customer a business could hope for!

@tamaterrors. Love these boys to bits and their mamma is an amazing super-woman whose extremely supportive!

@georgamatters. Just look at this girl! Couldn't resist! Have to have her on board!

Lets welcome our new team and make sure to visit their page and give them a follow!

Our next brand rep search will start in March! Stay tuned everyone! X



Linda Ransom

Rosie Cheeks


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  • Rosie Cheeks: January 10, 2016

    Thank you Sam! Very lucky to have them on board!

  • Sam: January 10, 2016

    Such beautiful kids to represent such an awesome business :)

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